Residential “Combi” Field Test Site Upgraded to Beta Model

SMTI’s first residential “combi” field test installation in Erwin, TN was upgraded to a Beta model, nominal 80,000 Btu/hr GAHP. Originally installed in March using an early Alpha prototype, the GAHP provides all of the space and water heating for the home, replacing a standard gas furnace and electric storage water heater.

The project, in partnership with the Gas Technology Institute for M&V services, seeks to demonstrate the energy savings possible using a GAHP, and evaluate installation and control best practices. The 4:1 modulating GAHP combined with a 3-speed air-hander fan closely matches the heating load of the home, providing even and quiet heating cycles. An 80 gallon indirect storage tank provides ample hot water availability.

So far, the homeowners are thrilled with the both the comfort and hot water availability of this exciting new heating technology!