Commercial Water Heating with Anesi Gas Heat Pumps

Restaurants and hotels use a lot of hot water. The Anesi Gas Heat Pump can cut the heating cost up to 50% or more while utilizing existing heating equipment for an effective backup system.

Providing heat is mission-critical and expensive to the operation’s bottom line. The Anesi Gas Heat Pump (GHP) cuts heating costs by as much as half, while utilizing existing heating equipment for an effective backup system, minimizing the chances of a closure situation.

In either a retrofit, replacement, or a new construction situation, Anesi’s GHP creates a foundation for large savings in both energy and cost. The added environmental benefit gained due to high-efficiency technology allows the business to participate in efforts to reduce emissions.

Immediate Benefits Provided by Anesi Products

  • Immediate cost savings for domestic water heating is typically 30-50%.
  • Reliable gas-fired energy source facilitates mission-critical continuity.
  • Reduced fuel utilization with efficiencies ranging from 130-145% based on the application.
  • Set positive example for customers about helping the environment.
  • Very strong economic payback.
  • Long equipment life.

Anesi’s GHPs use thermal heat, not electricity, to drive their gas absorption cycle. If offers reduced fuel utilization with efficiencies ranging from 130-145% based on the application and requires no backup appliance. The Anesi GHP can accept many primary energy sources, such as  natural gas or propane, and will easily adapt to future fuels with cleaner molecules developed by the gas industry.  Because less gas is used in these ultra-efficient gas heat pumps, they contribute to greenhouse reduction efforts.

Anesi Components for Commercial Water Heating

Gas Heat Pump

Indirect Storage Tank

How the Anesi Gas Heat Pump Works for Commercial Water Heating

While there are differences in each facility, the typical approach is to install the Gas Heat Pump outside of the building near the existing mechanical room when possible. The GHP provides hot water whenever the facility is in normal operation with a need for standard amounts of hot water (sometimes called “baseload” heating). Typically, a facility will have one traditional water heater replaced by a storage tank directly heated by the GHP. A second traditional water heater acts as a “peaker” or backup unit, helping to provide hot water during busy periods.

Read more about real installations of Anesi GHP within the restaurant industry.

Remote Monitoring

The Anesi GHP can be monitored remotely to provide data on performance and potential service needs, enabling your installation professional and Anesi to work together to resolve any difficulties.  Anticipating problems before they happen and responding proactively is a key feature that makes life easier and lowers costs for both you and your installation professional.

How to Buy Anesi Products

Anesi products are available through HVAC distributors and installation professionals within the USA and Canada.

Contact us for more detailed information about Anesi products and availability.