Gas Heat Pump

  • 80,000 btu/hr heating capacity
  • 140% AFUE lowers gas use up to 50% and reduces CO2 emissions
  • Comfortable space heating down to -40° F/C without need for backup
  • Variable speed evaporator fan and 4:1 modulated burner optimize efficiency
  • Sealed system contains a natural refrigerant (R717) with zero global warming potential (GWP) and no PFAS
  • Ultra-Low NOx compliant, environmentally-friendly gas burner
  • Uses existing 120V / 15A circuits
  • Remote system monitoring for homeowners and installation professionals
  • Rear water and gas connections with built in isolation valves
  • Steel base with built-in fork pockets for easy transport & installation


Technical DataUnitValue
Heating Capacity*BTU/h78,000
CoP (Higher Heating Value)*1.43
Max Return Temp (at full fire)° F/C132/55.6
Max Return Temp (at min fire)° F/C142/61.1
Delta T (at full fire)° F/C20/6.7
Gas Input (Higher Heating Value)BTU/h54,500
Modulation (fully variable)4:1
NOx Compliance (Ultra-Low NOx)ng/J<14
Nominal Hydronic Flowgpm/lpm8.5/30
Hydronic Pressure Drop (Nominal Condition)psi/kPa5/34.5
Glycol Concentration**40%
Ambient Temp (min—max)° F/C-40 to 130/-40 to 54
Maximum PowerAmp6
Height || Height with Fluein/cm44/111.8 || 56.5/143.5
Hydronic Connection FNPT – diain/cm1/2.5
Gas Connections FNPT – diain/cm0.5/1.3
Electrical Knockouts (x2) – diain/cm0.5/1.3
CTA2045 ComplianceFuture release
Communications CapabilitiesMODBUS, Cellular
CertificationETL per ANSI Z21.40.1/CGA 2.91
*Performance at standard ANSI rating conditions of 47°F ambient, 95°F return
**Most installations