First 80,000 Btu/hr GAHP Prototype Field Test Unit Installed

SMTI’s very first 80,000 Btu/hr GAHP prototype (Alpha 1) was installed as a field test unit, in a warehouse heating application. The original proof-of-concept prototype, developed under a DOE grant, is hydronically connected to two ceiling-mounted fan-coils. Each fan-coil is controlled with its own programmable thermostat, creating two distinct heating zones. The 4:1 modulating GAHP automatically adjusts to the inside load.

Current warehouse heating practice is to use multiple direct-fired unitary heaters, which normally have efficiencies of 80% or less. This test demonstrates an ultra-high efficiency alternative, pairing a 140% AFUE GAHP with individual fan coils. As a bonus, all the combustion and venting is now located outside, so combustion product safety concerns (and roof leaks) are eliminated!