SMTI Delivers first Prototype to Canada for Tests

The Canadian government is keen to closely examine SMTI’s gas furnace heat pump technology for use in residential heating, and other applications.  Based on analysis and stakeholder feedback developed by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), the government is nearing a nation-wide mandate for all heating to be done with heat pumps by 2035.  SMTI’s technology represents a significant opportunity to realize this goal cost effectively.  Recent analysis completed by SMTI with the assistance of Gas Technology Institute (GTI) shows that for all northern climates in the US, gas absorption delivers the lowest carbon footprint and at the lowest operating cost.  The effect was found to be more pronounced the farther north one goes, and SMTI is working on a Canadian-specific dataset to confirm if a similar result holds true for Canada. The prototype, delivered in March 2019, will be tested extensively by NRCan at its Canmet Energy lab facility near Montreal to establish a Canadian-specific performance baseline.