The New Anesi Gas Heat Pump

Replaces a Home’s Gas Furnace and Water Heater with a 140% Fuel Efficient Product

Anesi, a manufacturer of advanced Gas Heat Pumps, debuts its residential furnace and water heater replacement product at the AHR Exposition 2022 in Las Vegas, starting January 31, 2022.

At the HVAC industry’s major annual tradeshow, Anesi, made by Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. (SMTI) will exhibit its introductory product: a certified gas heat pump system that replaces both a home’s gas furnace AND the water heater with an AFUE 140% – rated appliance. This “furnace combi” application includes the heat pump, a custom air-handler, and an indirect water storage tank, all integrated for easy contractor installation and customer comfort. The product far exceeds all other gas heating technologies for energy efficiency, particularly in the coldest climates, while providing the warmth and comfort homeowners using gas are accustomed. It requires no backup equipment, completely handling all a home’s space- and water-heating loads, even when it is minus 40 degrees outside.

The Anesi Gas Heat Pump is designed to be “plug-n-play” – simple enough for two technicians to install in a replacement situation in a single day’s work. Best of all, it saves our customers substantial money – as much as 50% off their total heating bill if replacing an 80% AFUE furnace. At the same time, Anesi’s Gas Heat Pump enables homeowners to have the lowest possible carbon footprint, without sacrificing comfort or affordability. Utilities are also very excited and supportive of this emerging technology because it leads to both an environmentally AND economically sustainable solution to decarbonize building heat loads – one of the most challenging sources of greenhouse gases to bring under control.

Anesi is introducing its new technology and products at the AHR exhibition to the wider HVAC industry. The company has redesigned and modernized a well-proven heat pump cycle for the 21st century, making it cost-effective and scalable. With several strategic investors backing it, the company is on track to start production in 2023 with this first of a family of Gas Heat Pumps. The technology is well suited for serving a variety of residential and commercial building applications and several other capacities and designs are in the product development pipeline. For those attending this year’s AHR show, Anesi Gas Heat Pumps can be found in booth N7517 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center, from January 31 to February 2.

For additional information, please contact: Scott Reed, Vice President of Strategy & Marketing, (818-421-4229,