Anesi Brand Carried by North American Manufacturing Representatives

Tennessee, USA  || July 2024

Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. is happy to announce partnerships with ten premier manufacturer representatives to offer Anesi products to their customers in 24 US states and all Canadian provinces.  Representing the Northeastern USA are J&K Sales Associates, Morley Associates, Inc., M&H Sales, and WMS Sales, Inc. Windy City Representatives and Miller Component Sales represent the Midwestern USA.  The team at Shamrock Sales, Inc. represents Colorado and Utah.  The Patterson Sales Agency, Inc. represents California and Nevada and Proctor Sales represents Northwestern USA.  The team at Equipco Ltd. represents the Anesi brand throughout all the Canadian provinces.

“We are excited to have such talented and professional partners on our side as we launch our innovative and game-changing Anesi product line,” said Brad Monaghan, North American Sales Manager at Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc.  “We are working with this strong team of representatives and local gas utilities to educate natural gas and propane customers of the benefits a gas absorption heat pump offers.”

Brad Monaghan, North American Sales Manager at Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc., speaks with Equipco LTD representatives during the CMPX 2024 in Toronto.

The Anesi Gas Absorption Heat Pump is the first commercially available residential air-to-water heat pump operating on natural gas, propane, or renewable natural gas blends.  The gas heat pump uses up to 50% less fuel and works at efficiencies well above 100% even in below-zero temperatures.  Unlike traditional furnaces and boilers, the Anesi gas heat pump and all refrigerants, combustion processes, and venting are located outside. Manufacturer representatives and their professional HVAC contractors are currently involved in virtual and live training sessions across North America to learn about installing and servicing the Anesi equipment. To date, more than 200 professionals have received Anesi training.

“Anesi heating products will change the HVAC industry,” said Monaghan. “We realize that electrification is not an affordable or reliable option for everyone in North America and the Anesi products offer existing gas customers a solution to lower their emissions without sacrificing comfort.”  

About Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of the Anesi innovative heat pump technology for residential and commercial applications.  By focusing on high efficiency, reliable performance, and reduced emissions, Anesi products, fueled by natural gas, propane gas, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen blends, are solutions to provide better comfort and a better planet.  Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. has operations in Piney Flats, TN, and distributors across North America.