ETL Certification

Tennessee, USA  || June 2024

Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. announced the custom Air Handling Unit (AHU) within the Anesi Gas Heat Pump System received ETL certification.  The ETL Listed mark is an assurance that a product has passed safety tests and meets standards both in the United States and Canada.  It also provides customers with peace of mind as it indicates that the equipment has undergone independent testing and certification to meet strict safety and performance standards. 

“Our unique hydronic AHU is an integral part of our overall Anesi Comfort System, ensuring our customers stay nice and warm, have plenty of hot water, and ensures maximum utilization of our very high efficiency gas absorption heat pump (GAHP),” said Michael Garrabrant, Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. CEO and founder. “With the ETL Listed Mark, our comfort system is now available as a solution for residential home heating in cold weather climates.”

Within the AHU, there are factory installed components to complete the hydronic loop including the hydronic pump, expansion tank, glycol reserve tank, and 3-way valve.  Contractors spend less time onsite having to assemble the hydronic loop and the AHU is easily connected to the heat pump with PEX or copper pipe – plug and play. 

The AHU easily replaces existing gas or propane furnaces and features a hydronic heat exchanger to provide warm, comfortable air and maximize efficiency.  It also integrates seamlessly into the existing ductwork and air-conditioning system.

“Another unique feature of our AHU is our patent pending control algorithm, which seamlessly directs heat to both the indoor space and water heater, balancing comfort and efficiency” said Garrabrant.  “The multi-speed high efficiency ECM blower is whisper-quiet when delivering warm heat to the home.”

About Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc.

Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of the Anesi innovative heat pump technology for residential and commercial applications.  By focusing on high efficiency, reliable performance, and reduced emissions, Anesi products, fueled by natural gas, propane gas, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen blends, are solutions to provide better comfort and a better planet.  Stone Mountain Technologies, Inc. has operations in Piney Flats, TN and distributors across North America.  Learn more by following the company page on LinkedIn.