SMTI Ships Residential Combi Field Test Prototype

In October, 2019 SMTI shipped another Thermally Driven Heat Pump (TDHP) off for a winter field test as part of the latest demo-series.  This prototype along with two others will provide all of the space and water heating for three homes in the Chicago area.  This 80,000 btu/hr (23 kW) natural gas driven air-to-water heat pump replaces an existing warm-air furnace and storage tank water-heater.  It operates very efficiently, with a COP of 1.45 at 47F outdoor temperature (1.5 at 50% modulation) and 1.35 at 17F.  Proven operation down to -30F means no worries about staying warm even on the coldest of nights.  Another unit of this series will soon head to Canada, helping to show that TDHPs offer strong energy savings and comfort especially in the coldest climates.